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Holly Masson is a qualified dog trainer through the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - IMDT

IMDT is the leading education provider for Dog Trainers and Behaviourists. All trainers abide by a strict code of ethics to ensure dog owners are receiving FORCE-FREE training and the most up to date SCIENCE BASED, PROVEN dog training principles. 

Holly's training covers the basic commands, such as recall or loose lead walking, right up to more intermediate training such as emergency stops. 

There are dedicated sessions on the importance of enrichment & nutrition, appropriate play & bonding with your puppy or dog & basic k9 First Aid.

One-to-ones available at Canine Country Club


"Preparing for your puppy" consultation

available via zoom

contact Holly on 07729015413 or

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Prepare for your puppy! 

Consoltations available via zoom, whatssapp video or FaceTime

Have you made a decision to become a dog parent!? 


Do you still have lots of questions before you make the final decision? 


Puppy preparation consultations are now available from Holly Masson; an experienced dog owner, breeder and IMDT qualified dog trainer. A chance to ask questions and speak freely about your reservations, experiences or about information you have read on puppy ownership but have further questions. 


Covering all important topics and more if required;

- Choosing a breed and breeder right for you 

- Guideline of costs on an annual basis 

- Equipment you will need

- Puppy proofing your house 

- Puppy nutrition 

- Puppies routine for the first few days

- Toilet training

- Enrichment and socialisation  

Consultation 1.5 - 2hrs £80


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